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LOCO has a very simple programme strategy: inspired by The Wizard of Oz, we look for comedy films with brains, heart and courage. In other words, films that have something to say; that give us themes and characters to care about; and that are creatively original and bold. Above all we look for films that feel authored, with their own distinctive voice.

The feature film award, judged by a panel of industry experts together with the previous year’s winner, is given to a director who has not yet had a film released in cinemas. This year’s feature nominees are as eclectic as ever, made by very different film-makers on very different budgets. They’re also testimony to the remarkable range of British comedy acting talent, and to the fact that Alice Lowe must by law appear in at least one LOCO film every year. They are:

Mindhorn (dir. Sean Foley)
Brakes (dir. Mercedes Grower)
Chubby Funny (dir. Harry Michell)

The LOCO Discovery Awards are supported by The CTBF and the winners will be announced on 3rd May.

The 2017 LOCO Discovery Award Feature Film Jury are Laura Adams, Chanya Button, Tilly Coulson, Isabella de Rosario, Cynthia De Souza, Bradley Down, Humphrey Elles-Hill, Ian Haydn Smith and Paul Ridd.

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