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LOCO and MediCinema are bringing a special programme of original comedy films to hospitals across London for patients, families, carers and staff. 

MediCinema is a registered charity that brings the power of cinema to hospitals across the UK. It was founded in 1999 at St Thomas’s Hospital and builds, installs and manages state-of-the-art cinemas, screening the latest releases in hospitals and health facilities.

There are now seven purpose-built MediCinemas, each equipped with state-of-the-art RealD 3D screens and Dolby Surround Sound, bringing the escapism and excitement of a trip to the cinema to more than 17,000 people every year. As well as screening the latest releases, donated by the film industry, MediCinema provides separate nursing care to ensure patients, whatever their condition, have the best and safest experience while in the cinema.

We’re delighted to be working with MediCinema to bring the world’s most original comedy films to those who will benefit from it the most. Please note: these screenings are only accessible by inpatients and/or outpatients, their staff and carers at the listed hospitals. If you would like to find out more about MediCinema, make a donation or support them in any other way, get in touch at


Wednesday 20th April, 7pm, Guy’s Hospital

Outpatient screening of “Superbob” with kind permission from Jon Drever, Brett Goldstein and Claire Loewenthal from Signature Entertainment

loco programme 2016 - black mountain poets

Monday 25th April, 7pm, Guy’s Hospital

Inpatient & outpatient screening of “Black Mountain Poets” with kind permission from Jamie Adams, Jon Rennie and Damian Spandley at Metrodome

it happened one night - loco - medicinema

Saturday 30th April, 7pm, St Thomas’ Hospital

Inpatient & outpatient screening of “It Happened One Night” with kind permission from Park Circus


Mr Madila

Thursday 28th April, 20:30, BARBICAN, Cinema 3

Comedy can bring light to darkness, connect people, help us empathise or make a cruel joke brutally effective. But how does it work on our brain?



PLAY 4 CALAIS brings pop-up cinema and play-time to the 600+ children and 6000+ adults living in The Jungle in Calais. With little to do and tensions high, refugees are desperate for respite care and community building activities to take part in. A few brief hours of film screenings and play-time helps people take their minds off the pain and trauma they’ve already experienced and often continue experiencing at the hands of the European authorities. Every trip we make, PLAY 4 CALAIS’s volunteers are met with open arms and warm smiles and asked to return again as soon as possible… Which costs money. So, funds permitting, we head to Calais as often as we can and, as such, our fundraising efforts are ongoing.

PLAY 4 CALAIS is hosted by the Women and Children’s Centre and Baloo Boys Youth Centre for film screenings by day and The Good Chance Theatre by night. We are generously supported by The Lexi Cinema and its roaming little sister The Nomad with technical equipment and cinema supplies.

Every donation makes a huge difference; every refugee we meet is an interesting, intelligent, astonishingly brave and brilliant individual who’s fallen on desperately hard times, but still remembers and craves the wonder, joy and escapism of cinema. And, personally speaking, I feel that every child deserves to laugh, live happily, play safely and experience the magic of HAPPY FEET for the first time.

Thank you for helping us to help them, Alix, founder of PLAY 4 CALAIS

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