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Frequently Asked Questions (please note: if in doubt, apply):

You will have at least two years’ experience anywhere behind the scenes in TV and film since 16 years of age; this experience does not need to be current or consecutive and at the organisers’ discretion unpaid experience may count towards your eligibility.

You may have a mix of experience, from working as an usher in your local multiplex when you were 19, to helping out as a runner on a short film, to working in the office of a production company or broadcaster. If you are not currently working in the industry, you may still qualify providing your previous experience adds up to a total of at least two years.

You will be asked to provide a short biography and CV to demonstrate your experience. If, after reading the guidelines thoroughly, you are still unsure about whether you qualify, please contact

A professional writing credit could be a writing credit on a work that has been commissioned by a broadcaster and/or paid. It is unlikely to include works that have been self-published.

If you can demonstrate eligibility (including 2 years’ experience) and talent, then we are open to applications from those under 18.

We are looking for people who can demonstrate that they have been writing comedy and attempting to develop their writing career over the past couple of years. We take a broad view of this, but it could include activity such as sending scripts into competitions, applying for industry programmes, building a portfolio of written work or even producing your own content for the screen.

This programme has been created to find those who have been trying to break into comedy writing and helping them to do so.

There are two options of how to handle the application if you are a member of a writing team:

  1. Apply as an individual within the team.
    You may be submitting an idea that was created by more than one person, but providing the individual satisfies the eligibility criteria and holds permission to submit the team’s original work, you may still apply.

If an individual from a writing team is selected, only that individual will receive support from the programme; writing partners will not.

  •  Apply as a team.
    If you would like your writing partner to be involved in the programme then you can apply as a team.


All members applying for the programme must satisfy the eligibility criteria in order to qualify.

If a writing team is selected for the programme, members of the team will share the sum of one development award (£10,000) between them. The organisers’ retain the right to offer an unequal split of the funding to each writer in the event of their individual need being deemed disproportionate.

This short biography should be a couple of paragraphs on your journey to this point: where have you come from, where are you now and where are you hoping to get to? We are interested in understanding who you are as a person and a writer.

We encourage those that are not currently writing comedy professionally to apply for this programme; as such, you may not currently be working in the industry at all and we are not necessarily expecting to see any paid writing work (comedy or otherwise) here or on your CV.

This could be links to pieces of writing that you have never made public, a blog entry written as a piece of comedy, a piece of YouTube content, or a short film. Please send us up to three links – they should all be works that you consider to be comedy.

Please choose works that you feel best demonstrate your talent – they don’t necessarily have to be technically brilliant or professionally produced, but your comedy voice should come across.

The CTBF is a charity that helps individuals in film and television that are talented and driven, but who need support in order to progress.

This question is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are in need of financial support, and you have a clear idea of how the funding would be spent in order to help your writing. It may be that financial barriers are preventing you from having the time to write, or perhaps your time is taken with childcare, caring for an adult or coping with any other personal issues that affect your time to create. Rest-assured that credence will be given to all answers providing you can demonstrate why your particular need is important to you.

Any other questions not covered here? Please contact Bradley Down,

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