Hackney Picturehouse

LOCO Shorts 2023 presents: The Near Side

Sunday 14th May, 3:30pm
92 min
| Certification: TBC suggested 15


BAFTA-Recognised festival LOCO (aka The London Comedy Film Festival) is back to share the best comedy short films.

Things get intimate in this selection of short comedy films about romance, family, friendship, and sex. There is no topic too private, no matter too confidential. Join us as we explore the funny side of adolescent discoveries, beauty treatments, friendly rivalries, and the erotic lives of plants.


Attention Please (honourable mention in our one-week filmmaking competition)

Dir. Fred di Rosa

Wri. Edward Kaye

Lady Brently’s End

Dir. Sam Baron

Wris. Kirsty Mann and Dipak Patel

My First Dick

Dir/Wri. Kate McCoid


Dirs/Wris. Sophie Marsh and Efa Blosse


Dir/Wri. Emily Morus-Jones

Nails & Beauty

Dir/Wri. Rhona Foster


Dir. Jon Olav Stokke

Wri. Tom Mair

Moustache Man

Dir/Wri. Sean Joseph Young


Dir/Wri. Madelaine Moore

Something Funny

Dir/Wri. Ivana Antonova Savova

The Lucky Man

Dir/Wri. Laoisa Sexton


Dir/Wri. Jack Donnelly

Director: Various
Cast: Various