Hackney Picturehouse

LOCO Shorts 2023 presents: The Wild Side

Sunday 14th May, 1pm
95 min


BAFTA-Recognised festival LOCO (aka The London Comedy Film Festival) is back to share the best comedy short films.

We take a walk on the wild side with these films dedicated to the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful. See a world of extraordinary events through the eyes of eccentric characters as they catch a cab, discuss the smoking habits of dolphins, investigate a crime scene, and contemplate the end of the world.


Ten Second Advertisement (honourable mention in our one-week filmmaking competition)
Dir/Wri. Alex Ravenhall

Jazz Emu
Dir. Hunter Allen
Wri. Jazz Emu

The Leaf Blowerers
Dir/Wri. Joe Bor

The Sharkey
Dir. Calum Weir
Wri. Neil Bratchpiece

What Is It? With L.C. Smith #8
Dir/Wri Jo Burke

Smoking Dolphins
Dir. Sean Lyons
Wris. James Powdrill and Sean Lyons

Dir. Sara Joyce
Wri. Kate Kennedy

Dir/Wri. K. Ezra

Dir/Wri. Charlie Dinkin

Backseat Driver
Dir. Jake Balfour-Lynn
Wris. Jake Balfour-Lynn and David Wayman

Road Rage
Dir/Wri. James Button

Dir/Wri. Joe Lycett

Desire Lines
Dir/Wri. Duncan Cowles

The Heat
Dir. Benjamin Sutton
Wri. Charlie Dinkin

Sed Libera Nos a Malo
Dir/Wri. Jack Salvadori

Viskar I Vinden
Dir/Wri. James Newman

Director: Various
Cast: Various