LOCO presents Artists in Comedy, in association with LUX

14.00 – 18.00 Sunday 27th January, Blue Room BFI Southbank

Many of the world’s most exciting and challenging moving image artists use comedy in their work. This unique look at humour in art film combines screenings, discussions and a chance to meet some of UK’s brightest young artists.

  • 14.00 Artist short films programme + filmmaker Q&A
  • 15.45 Networking Drinks
  • 16.30 The Inspection House (training for the family in how to act). 16.30 UK 2011 dir Lucy Pawlak.


In association with LUX.

14.00 Artist Short Film Programme + Filmmaker Q&A 
Tickets: £5.00 (includes entry to the Networking Drinks)

LOCO screens a collection of short films from artists including Erica Eyres, Doug Fishbourne, Patrick Goddard, Peter Millards, Aimee Neat, Lucy Pawlak, People Like Us, Heather Phillipson, This Is It, John Wood and Paul Harrison and Naren Wilks:

The Situation ComedyThe Situation Comedy (2012) by Erica Eyres
The Situation Comedy appropriates an episode of Bob Saget’s America’s Funniest Home Videos to describe a 1980s sitcom about a single father raising a teenage daughter. The video chronicles the show’s rise and subsequent fall that was caused by the family’s “unfunny” problem with overpopulated cats.

Stand UpStand-up Guy (2004) by Doug Fishbone
Stand-Up Guy investigates the operation of humor from a curious angle – creating what is essentially a silent stand-up comedy routine – to wonder how far can jokes be compressed and condensed and still remain funny. Illustrating a bizarre comic narration with a dead-pan series of still photographs, the film delivers its humor entirely in subtitle form, consistently catching viewers off-guard by pulling apart the way jokes are supposed to work.

Clean Your Room

Clean Your Room (2011) by People Like Us
This is an outtake from The Magical Misery Tour, the new performance by Vicki Bennett / People Like Us. The Magical Misery Tour is a 45 minute audio-visual concert created between June and September 2011 and premiered at The Sound of Fear at London’s Southbank Centre on 3rd September 2011, under the working title of “Horror Collage”.

Zero-Point Garbage MatteZero-Point Garbage Matte (2012) by Heather Phillipson
Welcome to the brain’s skewed geology where everything is contingent. Everything is just as it really is. Zero-Point Garbage Matte adopts the inverse position, the need to be tipped upside down, the sound of internal crunching. Maybe this would be a good time to cut down on gelatinous things. The flow is constant – pictures, facts, voices, glances, black-outs, promotional wave-particles, an excuse to commune with giraffes. The result is a borderline condition – the gravelly interface between know-how and know-nothing.

SoFarSoGoodSoWhatSo Far, So Good.. So What? (2012) by Patrick Goddard
So Far, So Good.. So What? is a two minute time lapse film that shows a frozen fish that has been inexplicably nailed to a wall in an erect position slowly melting. A spoken anecdote plays over the top telling of an uncanny office incident involving missing limbs, misplaced humour and failed cockiness.


Venti (2012) by Aimee Neat
Significant areas of interest to artist Aimee Neat are game theory, the idea of functioning without pleasure, and in particular the competitive side of human nature as dictated by political ideology. Aimée’s enquiry manifests itself in the production of humorous videos inspired by silent slapstick films and comedy heroes such as Andy Kaufman.

DeviceDevice (1996) by John Wood & Paul Harrison
Six devices enable a figure to move in six directions across the screen.

Animal Workshop

Animal Workshop by Lucy Pawlak
An extract from feature film The Inspection House (training for the family in how to act), which will be playing after the short film programme. See below for more information.

LyrePhotoLyrebird Soup (2012) by Naren Wilks
During a visit to a tailor, a man is left alone with a large mirror. Whilst on his own, the mirror starts to play cruel tricks on him, in this take on a classic sketch by the Marx brothers.


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (2012) by This Is It Collective

A THIS IS IT film.

Directed by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling.


Colin (2013) by Kim Noble


Boogodobiegodongo (2012) by Peter Millard
I once lived in a Boogodobiegodongo and I felt better.

Following the screening there will be a Q&A discussion with the filmmakers where we will hear them talk about their work and their relationship with comedy and humour.

15.45 Networking Drinks

A short break to stretch the legs, grab a drink and mingle with those excited by artist moving image and comedy. Entry only to ticket-holders of the Artist short film programme and/or The Inspection House.

16.30 The Inspection House (training for the family in how to act). 16.30 UK 2011 dir Lucy Pawlak. + Q&A with Lucy Pawlak, Adrian Gillott and Catriona James
Tickets: £5.00 (includes entry to the Networking Drinks)


The Prodigal son returns to his family home, a strange ingrown world deep inside the forest. He intends to train his relations to become actors according to his method. As the program unfolds his obfuscation of the line between fantasy and reality rises alongside his obsession with the “Hero’s Quest”.

The structural principles of the monomyth are chewed up and regurgitated in this blackly comic look at roles and patterns within the family and society. The film employs various forms of improvisation around frameworks and reflects upon the potential for autonomy within structure. Masks are worn for the duration allowing for performers to switch between roles.

Featuring The Samsonov Film and Theatre Co-Operative: Joaquin Del Paso, Catriona James, Adrian Gillott, Almira Bekkulova, Francis Moore, Tato Kotetishvili, Susan Pawlak, Gabriela Kite, Fredrik Olssen, Lucy Pawlak, Irek Grzyb, Maria Czechowska. 90 mins.

Watch a clip from The Inspection House (training for the family in how to act):

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