Why we are here

LOCO is a not-for-profit foundation that supports and celebrates the world’s most original comedy cinema. We champion the craft of comedy film-making through training, screenings, outreach and funding. We also run the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival, the UK’s only international comedy film festival, which returns to BFI Southbank and selected cinemas from 22-25 January 2015, lightening up London in the most miserable month of the year.

Why comedy?

This trailer from our first festival explains what LOCO is for, and why we do what we do:

More than any other genre, comedy bridges social divides. Since the beginning of film, comedy has united generations, cultures and classes: the Lumiere Brothers included a comedy in the first ever public film screening in 1895. And more than any other country, Britain has a great tradition of film comedy, from Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Cary Grant through to Ealing, Carry On and Monty Python, and to Sacha Baron Cohen, Richard Curtis, Simon Pegg, Armando Iannucci and Chris Morris.

Comedy is also at the heart of our independent film industry, with movies like Skeletons, Sightseers and our LOCO Discovery Award winners Black Pond and Wizard’s Way creating distinctive, original takes on British life. But for all its public acclaim — comedy is usually the most successful genre at the UK box office, with 24% of ticket sales in 2012 — comedy is critically overlooked; only five comedies have ever won Best Picture at the Academy Awards: It Happened One Night, You Can’t Take It With YouThe Apartment, Annie Hall and The Artist.

LOCO campaigns for better recognition of the craft of comedy film-making by illuminating the techniques behind the movies, by celebrating great work, and by helping to train the next generation of comedy film-makers.

Why go LOCO?

For everyone…
LOCO offers the world’s best comedy films and film-makers, and the opportunity to share an unforgettable film experience.

If you’re a comedy film fan…
LOCO offers a chance to meet and interact with your comedy film heroes and to share your love of comedy film with other fans.

If you’re an established filmmaker…
LOCO offers the chance to promote your work, build a lasting relationship with your audience, and the space to network with other filmmakers and industry members.

If you’re an emerging filmmaker…
LOCO offers the opportunity to learn at first-hand from established talent, connecting you to those who can help you to hone your craft.

If you’re a producer or distributor…

LOCO are specialists in comedy, working with a wide range of actors, writers, distributors, exhibitors and other areas of the industry. As the only British feature film festival that specialises in comedy, the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival gives comedy films a chance to shine, and to attract extra public and media attention. We also create one-off events around comedy film screenings, and of course have a large network of comedy film lovers.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership can be anything from co-promoted products or services to co-producing events, sharing TV rights or becoming headline sponsors: we’re happy to discuss a wide range of options and commitments, rather than confine you to a pre-packaged deal. For more information, get in touch with us here.

Meet the team

Denise Hicks: Co-founder and Director

As the youngest of five children, Denise’s passion for comedy film stems from its ability to bring people together, often irrespective of their age. In addition to LOCO, Denise is heavily involved in the restoration of an art deco cinema in St.Albans renamed The Odyssey, has worked as a consultant for the Rich Mix cinema and arts centre in East London, and has worked with Branchage Film Festival in Jersey and the London Short Film Festival. Denise’s background lies in brand & communications planning and social trends analysis. Her favourite comedy actor is Buster Keaton, who she still has a serious crush on.

Jonathan Wakeham: Co-founder and Programmer

Jonathan has written two award-winning short films and the upcoming feature films The Arbitrator (with Fred Hogge) and The Nile. He is represented by Independent. Jonathan is a Trustee of Arts Emergency, a charity that campaigns for and supports arts education, and Camden People’s Theatre, London’s most adventurous theatre. He is also a member of the development council at Battersea Arts Centre. Jonathan’s favourite comedy film is Harold and Maude, partly because he can’t decide which Woody Allen movie to choose.

Stu Hallybone: Creative Director

Long before school, Stu was already getting an education – his teachers were Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Tom and Jerry and King Kong (PE/Home economics). Each morning his father’s Super8 projector would stay firmly pointed at the kitchen cupboards as he chomped through bowls of Sugar Puffs and reels of silent film. This early introduction to comedy has stuck with him, inspiring his love of cinema and lifelong mission to have fun. Also an experienced marketeer, he has helped produce iconic campaigns with the likes of Coca Cola, Boots, Sky, Hugo Boss and Cadbury. You’ll find him playing around the social web, mobile and new technologies, creating branded content, and TV commercials including shoots in the UK and US.

Harriet Fleuriot: Head of Industry Training

Harriet is a freelance filmmaker, performance artist and producer. She recently worked at Creative Skillset as their Film Campaigns Manager, raising awareness of their support for skills and training for the UK film industry. She has produced marketing campaigns, events and training workshops for organisations such as Birds Eye View, Branchage, Underwire, Shooting People, The Guild of British Camera Technicians, Architecture Foundation and Headliners. She also runs Fashion Popcorn, which celebrates the creative fusion of fashion, film and technology.

Kevin Maynard: Short Film Programmer 

Kevin is a filmmaker who specialises in exciting and curious comedy shorts. His films have received screenings at international festivals including the London Short Film Festival, Branchage Film Festival, Porto7 Film Festival and Ohne Kohle Experimental Film Festival in Vienna. Kevin has also worked on a number of comedy and film events and as a short film programmer for the London Independent Film Festival. He provides an insight into low budget filmmaking with a particular attention to short film and sits in LOCO’s programming team.

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LOCO is a not-for-profit organisation. We do it for the love of it 

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