This year’s LOCO LONDON has two key themes: women and comedy and comedy from the Far East. We’re thrilled to be teaming up for the second time with Hackney Picturehouse to present two of the most original and insightful new comedies from China, each illuminating different facets of the world’s new political, social and economic centre of power.

The first is VULGARIA (2012, dir Ho-Cheung Pang), a fast-paced, full-on satire of the movie business from one of the hottest talents in Hong Kong cinema. It tells the story of producer To Wai-chen’s increasingly outrageous attempts to get his latest movie made, involving sex toys, gangsters, an unfortunate mule and a starlet known as Popping Candy, for reasons that become very clear. On the surface as outrageous as its title suggests (“The film boasts the spontaneity of a French New Wave romp, while including raunchy gags worthy of The Hangover”, said The Village Voice) VULGARIA nonetheless has a warm heart at its centre, as To tries to reconnect with his young daughter and prove himself a worthy father.

11pm Saturday 26th January at Hackney Picturehouse Book here.

The second is UFO IN HER EYES (2011, dir  Xiaolu Guo), in which rural mine worker Kwok Yun’s life is changed for ever when she thinks she sees a UFO hovering over Three Headed Bird Village. She alerts the authorities, who immediately send a team to investigate, while the village’s ambitious mayor (Mandy Zhang) spots a tourist opportunity. As money and visitors pour in, the village is transformed, and Kwok Yun has to adjust to a very different life. Adapted from her acclaimed novel by writer-director Xiaolu Guo, this award-winning comedy combines beautiful photography, winning performances and unforgettable images in a sparkling satire on China’s new consumerism.

We’re delighted to welcome writer-director Xiaolu Guo, who lives in Hackney, to introduce this special matinee screening and take questions after the film.

12 noon, Sunday 27th January at Hackney Picturehouse Book here.